Day I

Arrived safe and sound!

We arrived last night a few hours later than expected.   Our flight was delayed out of Atlanta, but we all arrived in Guatemala and made it through customs without any trouble.  On the way to the PBM base one of our vans blew a radiator hose twice, but thanks to some creative repair work we all made it to the base around 12:30 AM local time.

Day 1-

Today we had a chance to travel to the village where we are building.  It is in an area that can be seen across the valley from PBM, but takes nearly an hour to drive to following the roadways.  Each of the five house we are building are in the same area with four of them being withing a few hundred yards, and the fifth about a half mile further up the road.  It was great to meet and start to interact with each of these unique families and we look forward to sharing more about their stories.  Despite a little later than usual start we had great weather and made good progress and will try to post pictures as soon as we are able.